iLife A4S and A6 robotic vacuums

ILIFE has been busy with product development. There are three upgrades which include improved charging time, brush, and motor. The A4S and A6 come with a second production engine that enhances efficiency. The beating bar in A6 doesn’t have any bristles which mean easier maintenance.

Brushless motor

All iLIFE robots come with a brushless motor that is more effective than a brushed motor. Having a newer motor doesn’t translate to more power, unfortunately. Both these robots can produce the exact same power output as the A4 that is 1, 000Pa.

A4S comes with a stiffer brush, which ILIFE states will work better on hair and dust. Bearings also have upgraded to offer better efficacy and agitation. This improves efficiency on carpets.

The brushless DC motor adds half an hour to the runtime, thus allowing the robot to clean larger homes in one go. It doesn’t need to dock as often and can operate more efficiently.

Mini Room Technology

ILIFE has added a feature that homeowners will love. They call this the Mini Room technology. When you press the cleaning button, it engages the default cleaning mode of the robot and the robot cycles through its cleaning until the battery is at 20 percent. When it reaches 20 percent, it automatically shuts off the motor.

Unfortunately, when cleaning a small space,  it’ll run for two or more hours before it docks. It’s not sensible to run the robot for this long in a tiny location.

Finally, battery degrades quite quickly, and you’ll need to replace it sooner than later. The Mini Room technology alleviates this issue somewhat by lowering the amount of time the robot cleans.

iLife A4S and A6

The A4S has some neat features, including Mini-Room technology that reduces the amount of time it runs in a small space.

This feature also goes a long way to lengthening the life of the batteries as you won’t have to drain it so regularly.

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