What You Need To Know About Hardwood Floors

Are your hardwood floors beginning to crack? Are they pealing or dull? Does the price seem high? What do you need to do? You are in luck because there are many things you can do once you know what’s up. Here are some myths about hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors

Myths about hardwood floors

#1 My floors are sagging too much

Have your carpets and tiles been stained too much? Do they absolutely have to be replaced? The answer to this is a resounding “NO”. A re-grouting around hardwood improvement joints or openings will remedy your problem.

The doors are too big – get them re-hung

Attend to have your door frames replaced with 1 x bullet doors.

Hire a professional installer to do your hardwood passion project

#2 If my floors are damaged so badly that they won’t sell

Fact – This is one of my favorite myths, a very common misconception. (It enjoys being outdated: see my article’s link between professionalism, trends, and resale)

#3 I can’t afford a quality hardwood floor

Fact – Unfortunately, if the quality of the floor doesn’t matter then this is the same for hardwood flooring. As long as it ensuring they are of good quality, people are still willing to spend on them.

#4 Hardwood floors are not good for kids

Fact – Your floors should be victimized by your kids for a long time before they should need polished or cleaned. If you do not want your kids learning about the hardness of your wood, why not just have them learn where do you spend the most time.

#5 Hardwood floors are difficult to refinish

Fact – With regular maintenance and wonderful vacuuming it is not hard to keep your hardwood floors in cabinets that are polished and cleaned as you would like. If you do want a quick and easy-to-maintain floor setting, you can hire professionals who can assist you at all times in the maintenance and care.

#6 Wood is too expensive and I have to spend a lot just to have one

Fact – Wooden hardwood floors are more flexible and durable than any other flooring. You can have them looking good for 10 years before you have to refinish. Knowing this you can be sure of your floor cutting costs by not having to refinish.

#7 Hardwood floors are slippery

Fact – Not at all. We all know that we are walking in our socks. Your children can show their hand by the couch when walking and playing while you are standing right there.

#8 Wood floors can be easily scratched and dented

Fact – So long as you are very cautious, you can have the most beautiful and durable flooring in your rooms.

The History of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are flooring that is made from exotic and rare wood like maple, cherry, birch, oak, and teak. It’s surface which is durable, beautiful, and long-lasting. These floorings are made of oval and square maps that were extending in different directions. The ostentatious hardwood floors are repeatedly fine sanded and sealed by using Carchetin.

Almost every part of the hardwood flooring is put prepared and then built up with hardwood mud and then spread evenly. The mixtures of sand and clay are also applied to obtain flawless results. The hardwood flooring is also finished by applying natural shades & tints to it.

Due to its beauty and elasticity, hardwood is used to create versatile and stylish home flooring. With its various shades and styles, the wooden flooring looks good wherever it is in use. The hardwood flooring adds extra perfection and style to the floor which makes every room more attractive & elegant and equally informative.

Invented in Europe, the hardwood floorings are a reflection of the classical garden and countryside structures. The patterns of the hardwood are decorated by making the wooden boards more distinct in touch drawing colors to them. Architectural and modern Innovations made the hardwood flooring a durable yet affordable option. Most modular home construction companies make it a point to install at least one area of these with hardwood instead of carpeting.

The market of hardwood flooring is full of cutting-edge, unique, and innovative patterns. The hardwood that is available in the market is available in plenty of different patterns. There are various colors, shades, and sizes of hardwood floorings to choose from. Most hardwoods consist of a large number of wood color variations, which may not be suitable for your home. That is why it is important to take the time to compare and contrast the various colors and patterns with the size of all the rooms of your home.

It is also possible to have your hardwood custom-designed. While working on hardwood with this technique, the wood pieces are cut and sanded with diamond-te relentlessly in order to impregnate the pieces with mineral coating and protect them from cracking and warping over time.

Selecting the right hardwood flooring:

There are several unique and viable designs to every extent that the homeowners and architects can create. Most of the wooden floorings have a finishing that makes them cost-effective. Many of the manufacturers use a transparent finish, which allows a good vision of the wooden floorings. The reflective and non-reflective finishes offer various eye-candy beauty and also make them water, smoke, and pet friendly. When you use hardwood for your home, you can never go wrong with the beauty & luxury it offers. The cleaning and maintenance of these wooden floorings are also easy, because they do not cause any damage.

Types of hardwood

There are many types of hardwood floorings that are available in the market such as:

Pine stripping flooring: The pine stripping flooring is available in several colors. The flooring consists of mainly two styles which are concave and flat.

Oak flooring: When you use oak flooring, you can get patterns in light to dark brown. Normally, oak is used in bathrooms and rooms that have remains from a tree. These floorings are extremely durable and rich in color and style.

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Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Your vacuum cleaner faces stiff competition these days. The bagless vacuum cleaner, which has exploded in popularity thanks to the Green movement and consumer safety, is now the number one consumer choice for floor and carpet cleaning. The argument against the bagless vacuum is based on the fact that it requires the purchase of new bags and that the bags are generally expensive to purchase and difficult to replace.

In light of the analysis and long-term performance information released by the diarrhea panel of the United Gatesthylentine University in May 1999, many in the industry are convinced that there are strong reasons why the bagless vacuum is the best consumer choice for carpet cleaning.

“Overall, the analysis of the effectiveness of the bagged and non-bagged upright and canister vacuum cleaning systems indicates that the bagged systems, because of their higher cost-charge, will likely have a demand even in metropolitan areas for more carpet and floor-covering area freeing; and that the ‘oop grooving’ (crushing of carpet fibers in the paltry attachments used in the pneumatic brush systems) in commercial and industrial cleaning will continue to reduce both dust and odor using the bagless vacuum. The Panel also found that the airflow in one of the upright Miele’s models, although somewhat small, was more impressive than on any other upright model tested and significantly more than the bagged upright’s airflow.”

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The conclusion of this article is that ‘the bagged system provides a superior average cleaning performance in most residential and commercial applications. Most area-cleaning tasks require year-round vacuuming and the bagless vacuum tends to eliminate more dust during the course of the actual cleaning procedure.

Benefits of a Bagless Vacuum

The bagless upright works well here too because the filter in the upright vacuum system is simply a filter consisting of paper electrostatic filters. The paper filter gets dusted off easily and doesn’t require replacement for at least several months. As the dust builds up in the bagless system, and the build-up continues because the particles are smaller, the cleaning abilities of the bagless vacuum are improved.

The bagless vacuum, compared with the upright vacuum system, requires less actual cleaning. The airflow keeps the dust and particles on the surface and, because the airflow in both systems works by exhaust fans to move the air, the higher volume has to be cleaned in the upright system before it goes back into the air, requiring the vacuuming process to be repeated to exceed the lowest volume cleaning accommodated by the bagless system.

Cost of Maintaining a Bagless Vacuum System

How much use do need to put aside for repair and maintenance of your bagless vacuum system during normal use?

Dust collecting in the soft bags is easily recognizable during this time period. The soft bags, even though made in a way to regularly remove dust from the surface of the bag, tend to be so soft and pliable that the dust will stick and become very difficult to remove.

When dust collecting apparatus or a bag is not typically used it takes some time for its sealing material to work itself together to form a proper cover for the dust collector for all the particles to be eliminated and the bagless vacuum system is not much like the upright with its pneumatic brush, it has to be disassembled every so often to clean for dust, and the whole thing used over a period of time.

Other Uses of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The bagless vacuum cleaner can be noted as an ideal tabletop style for use with the right attachments to fit its height. Its size, with the typical interior capacity of 8 quarts, is not much different than higher-end upright hand-held style vacuums and can be handled easily by almost everyone.

Yes, the bagless vacuum is more expensive than the upright vacuum, but the relatively small unit and higher water cost are also outstanding characteristics. The overall performance of the bagless vacuum is not significantly lower, as some would lower it, than the upright style vacuums with their higher capacity.


iLife A4S and A6 robotic vacuums

ILIFE has been busy with product development. There are three upgrades which include improved charging time, brush, and motor. The A4S and A6 come with a second production engine that enhances efficiency. The beating bar in A6 doesn’t have any bristles which mean easier maintenance.

Brushless motor

All iLIFE robots come with a brushless motor that is more effective than a brushed motor. Having a newer motor doesn’t translate to more power, unfortunately. Both these robots can produce the exact same power output as the A4 that is 1, 000Pa.

A4S comes with a stiffer brush, which ILIFE states will work better on hair and dust. Bearings also have upgraded to offer better efficacy and agitation. This improves efficiency on carpets.

The brushless DC motor adds half an hour to the runtime, thus allowing the robot to clean larger homes in one go. It doesn’t need to dock as often and can operate more efficiently.

Mini Room Technology

ILIFE has added a feature that homeowners will love. They call this the Mini Room technology. When you press the cleaning button, it engages the default cleaning mode of the robot and the robot cycles through its cleaning until the battery is at 20 percent. When it reaches 20 percent, it automatically shuts off the motor.

Unfortunately, when cleaning a small space,  it’ll run for two or more hours before it docks. It’s not sensible to run the robot for this long in a tiny location.

Finally, battery degrades quite quickly, and you’ll need to replace it sooner than later. The Mini Room technology alleviates this issue somewhat by lowering the amount of time the robot cleans.

iLife A4S and A6

The A4S has some neat features, including Mini-Room technology that reduces the amount of time it runs in a small space.

This feature also goes a long way to lengthening the life of the batteries as you won’t have to drain it so regularly.

Looking for more ideas? Find out more about robotic vacuums.

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

If you’re a pet owner or you know someone who is one, there are several reasons why choosing the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair on the market is one of the top things you should put on your Christmas list!

Why is Pet Hair a Problem?

Probably the most persistent problems that owners face is animal hair on the floor, clothes and furniture. Pets are predisposed towards sleeping and resting in strange places like old towels which may also leave a build up of undesirable pet hair.

Pet dander, also common as pollen, is currently resulting in a serious problem for individuals who suffer allergic reactions. Pet dander allergies present a serious threat to health to dog owners, in addition to their loved ones and visiting friends and guest. It’s the scuffed off old skin which may cause allergies in humans.

Skin and dander

Animals or pets are always dropping this skin and dander, which can’t be seen by the naked human eye as they’re only two microns in size. But anyplace you find a build up of pet hair there’s an underlying issue.

Being so small usually means the allergens can easily be transported from the atmosphere that we breathe and also absorbed in the clothes which we wear and some may even accumulate in bed, carpeting and drapes.

Pet dander passes into our bodies through the eyes, mouth and nose and makes contact with our mucous membranes and the bronchial tubes.

Studies show 2 microns sized bit of pet dander can float in the atmosphere for hours before it ends up landing on a face. At this time it may be breathed in by one of the family members. An individual suffering from allergy has signs of adrenal glands, general aches, hives, sneezing, swollen face eyes, nose congestion, watery eyes or a runny nose.

Pet dander can also cause flu or cold like symptoms because the body reacts to the toxic material.

Best Vacuums for pet owners

There are excellent vacuums for pet hair on the market. Two of the best are the Roomba Series from iRobot, and especially the Roomba 532, and Roomba 564 Pet models that have been designed for pet owners.

The iRobot Roomba 564 vacuum cleaning robot may clean up to four standard rooms with a charge. It’s sold with an extra set of brushes, as well as a broom basket with an excess capacity for ridding pet hair, and a set of cleaning tools for making sure that both varieties of brushes are free from debris.

The sweeping basket can hold four times longer debris when compared to the vacuum bin and has counter-rotating brushes that may move deep into carpets to eliminate anger and pet hair.

When the battery is low, the Roomba automatically returns to its streamlined and self-charging home base to recharge.

A bristle brush digs down deep into the carpet fibres to remove hair, debris and dirt. In the process an excellent filter traps small and dust particulates which are within the bin.

It can automatically sense and possibly avoids stairs, drop-offs, and detect dirtier areas and spends a great deal of time cleaning them.

The Roomba 564 has two bins, a High Capacity Sweeper Bins that holds four times longer debris when compared to the suction basket and is ideal for small spaces and dirty areas.

Unlike a lot of models of cleaning bots, the Roomba Pet Series may be used unsupervised due to it detection procedures and automatic homing when the battery runs low or when the cleaning schedule is complete.

With fully charged batteries, the Roomba Pet Series may be capable of cleaning up to four chambers and may be set using a schedule to start cleaning at a specific time of the day.

Is Your Robot Vacuum Spying on You?

Several vacuums come with smartphone applications. These applications aren’t necessary to run the machines, but they’re helpful for monitoring or remotely starting and stopping cleanings, assessing a robot advancement, or viewing maps of the vacuum’s path around your house to see if it’s missed any areas.

In July 2017 confidentiality lawyers took note when Reuters reported that iRobot Chief Executive officer Colin Angle said that the mapping info its robotic vacuums collect might one day be marketed to tech businesses. Reuters updated the article, stating iRobot might share the information at no cost. Now isn’t this controversial?

Before you get your knickers in a knot, the organization’s public relations director for North America, said the iRobot will not be sending its information to 3rd parties, at least for today.

iRobot considers that in the future, this info can offer even more value for our clients by empowering the smart house and the devices inside it work better, but consistent with their explicit consent.

iRobot isn’t alone. Many robotic vacuum producers are currently recording the ways of their devices and uploading them to a server.

You may then see that information via the company’s program on your smartphone.

These maps can be rudimentary today. However, it appears likely that they will continue to improve with time to be able to clean your home more efficiently.

If you’re concerned about information being transmitted, do not use the program whenever you install your device. The tradeoff? You will no longer get cleaning information, like maps of the vacuum’s course.

What do you think? Are you concerned about your robot vacuum cleaner spying on you?

4 Reasons Why You Need A Robot Vacuum

Robotic vacuums offer a lot of advantages as most provide better cleaning features compared to traditional models. Some of those technologically advanced features include:

1- Larger Vacuum Bags

Since your bags may hold a more significant quantity of dirt and debris, they’ll have to be changed more often than the bags in a manual vacuum. That is assuming your unit even needs a bag as some have a container which makes it easier to empty.

2- Longer Life Span

As they need less upkeep, robot vacuums have a reputation for lasting longer than others types of vacuums. On the whole, these units will last for a long length of time.

3- No Cords To Deal With

These vacuums come with their very own recharging stations. Not only does this create it simpler for you, also, it means you never need to deal with cords getting in the way of where you have to clean.

4- Smart Home Connectivity

Like most smart home appliances, many robot vacuums have the skill to stay connected to your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to control it remotely with a smartphone or tablet computer. You do not even need to be at home to clean your home!

Ok go do it!

These are only a couple of reasons why you need to consider a robot vacuum cleaner. Obviously, the more money you spend, the more attributes your vacuum will probably come with.

The mantra of you gets what you pay for, certainly applies here. But regardless of which model you purchase, all vacuums offer a high level of convenience and versatility.

If you are shopping for the Best Vacuum Cleaner for your house, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not considering one of them. There’s no need to spend all of your time and energy mopping the floor anymore when a robotic vacuum cleaner can do all the hard work for you.

How to save time on housework with a robotic cleaner

Wouldn’t you love it if you could clean your home while you are at work or away on vacation? Now you can, with a little bit of help from a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Some floor areas are dirtier than others. Areas that receive the most foot traffic, like foyers, kitchens, and living areas, tend to be the dirtiest.

This is the reason why many robotic vacuums have been built with the capability to detect the quantity of dirt in a particular area, allowing them to adjust their cleaning settings automatically.

The dirtier the area the more time the machine will spend cleaning it. Since robot vacuums may recharge themselves, there’s absolutely no need to worry about manual recharging.

Saving time on cleaning

After finishing a job, the vacuum will instantly return to its docking station. Wow! More time for us to do things that we like and who likes cleaning?

So the great thing about having one of these machines is if the battery is low, it’ll automatically be recharged after every cleaning.

Some units will stop its cleaning procedure and recharge automatically.

Although we already discussed how it might help those with very little time for vacuuming, it is worth pointing out that some vacuum valves can be programmed to begin cleaning at the specified time of day automatically. Apart from the first set up, you’re operating it hands off.

This may be particularly helpful during holidays, business trips, along with other occasions where you’ll be away from home.

Are you convinced yet? This is only one reason why you need to consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

Why you might be concerned about buying a robotic vacuum

Among the principal concerns I have heard about robots vacuum cleaners, is they’ll fall down the stairs, harm walls or knock on other decoration.

This is really an unnecessary fear because most have a virtual wall feature that creates limits that your device won’t be capable of crossing.

It prevents the machine from going out or into off-limits regions of your home.

Other reasons to give it a whirl is that these machines are constructed of high-quality materials and are built to last.

You might have to replace the bag or empty the container occasionally. There’s pretty much very little maintenance and owning one is an easy way to do your chores.

Many folks complain about not having the ability to vacuum from hard-to-reach or spaces, but once you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, this issue will disappear entirely.

Because of their compact size, robotic vacuums may clean smaller spaces which are usually off limits to guide vacuums. These areas include all the corners, nooks, and cracks that your traditional vacuum might not be capable of getting at without using an expansion of some type.

Whenever you use a robot vacuum cleaner, your flooring will get an extensive and thorough cleaning in a rather short period.

3 Benefits of a Robotic Vacuum

Vacuuming is among the most hated chores in life. It is laborious, monotonous, and dull, and in today’s fast-paced society, it is simply too time-consuming. For many individuals, purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner is a wonderful way to clean your home, without devoting considerable quantities of energy and time.

Vacuums are usually disc-shaped appliances that help clean your home for you. They’re offered at almost every price tag imaginable, with the prices decreasing as the technology takes on to develop. Not only does this make them affordable but now you can feasibly use them in conjunction with a few other types of vacuum cleaners for a sparkling home.

Why You Will Need To purchase a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a large home with a pool, then it’s about time to think about investing in robotic vacuums to help with the chores. The best pool vacuums are the kinds that can operate on their own!  Vacuums for the home are a little less sophisticated but the technology is fast catching up.

In case you’ve ever wondered why you need to consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, here are three of the most typical benefits associated with using these autonomous cleaning apparatus.

1. No Need for Manual Operation

Should you are afflicted with difficulties or physical diseases, a robot vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning device for you. Not only does this improve your cleaning routine it does so without needing to put in any extra strain on you and your situation. Just turn it on and let it clean.

These devices contain different sensors, allowing it to clean individually. This removes the requirement to stand, walk, and bend over for lengthy time periods.

Vacuums are perfect for elderly individuals who can be suffering from arthritis or joint pain. A few of those vacuums might be preset to clean when required they typically require very little upkeep.

2. Saves Time

In our busy and, often, overwhelming lives, the majority of consumers are charged with the task of raising families, developing a career, and maintaining an active social life.

These everyday activities, obviously, take precedence over cleaning, which in turn generates a pressing need for a fast and convenient way to vacuum.

Since robotic vacuums may clean on their very own without any supervision, they could help save you heaps of time. So that’s why this is the best vacuum cleaner for all the busy people.

As you don’t need to oversee these devices, you can turn them on before you leave the home. Some even allow you to operate via smartphone or tablet while you’re at work.

This permits you to devote more time to activities that you love and enjoy, yet still come home to a clean home.

3- Automatically Adjusts to Different Surfaces

Different settings are required for different surfaces. This is the reason why robot vacuums have sensors that detect changes in floor surfaces.

There’s no need to think about carpeting, wood, and tile whenever you utilize these machines; they automatically adjust. They might also find stairs and walls, automatically steering away to prevent unintentional injury to the unit.

So what do you think? Do you need a robotic vacuum?